30 June 2017

Honey nuts yogurt

This is Greek yogurt with fresh fruits, roasted nuts with honey.  It's extremely simple but I really loving it.



29 June 2017

Ratatouille & Chicken

In fact the chicken curry I made the other day was too spicy for us... because I didn't really check how hot would be.  So I removed chicken out of curry and had it with ratatouille that I made earlier.  It ended up a great combination.


28 June 2017

Chicken curry

I bought freshly grounded spices for chicken curry at Indian market.  I tried it for the first time.  I looked up a simple recipe in youtube.  As the result, I probably put too much spice which was about two full tables spoons, because it was too spicy to me.  It's very important to use fresh grounded spices for Indian cooking, however the fragrance of spices are very strong when it's cooking that the whole house smells like curry...



27 June 2017

Aubergine bucatini

I tossed with lots of vegetables; boiled spinach, marinated aubergine, fresh tomatoes, thinly sliced ham with bucatini.  The sauce is chicken stock glaze that I made from roasted chicken few days earlier.


26 June 2017

Steamed chicken with sesame sauce

This is steamed chicken breast slices with my original sesame sauce.  Sesame sauce is made from pure sesame paste.  This paste is sold at Chinese or Japanese speciality shop.



25 June 2017

Brioche Brunch

I had been posing bread making for about an half year and start making it again recently and obviously my bread making skill had lost.  I know that the bread making skill can be build with continuously but because it takes so much time for the whole process, it's difficult to commit.



24 June 2017

Natto gohan

Almost all of these ingredients are from Japan probably except water..  This combination of Japanese dish so simple yet I love so much.  I was feeling so weak with heat in Singapore but I felt much better with this.


Flank steak with Ratatouille

Ratatouille is a great summer vegetable dish that can go well with anything; meat, fish, past and more.  It's good to make plenty of Ratatouille in once.


23 June 2017

Aji no sasimi from Tsukiji

Because of high population of Japanese residents in Singapore, there are two Japanese fish shops in Meidiya.  They imports fish from Tsukiji by air everyday.  The Quality of the fish  is yet so so for my standard however, considering the distance from Japan to Singapore, this is probably the limit.


22 June 2017

Japanese mixed rice

My friend gave me so called "black rice" from Kyushu so I cooked it with mixing with other rice in my own blend.  It was my first try of this rice and I was surprised to see the color turned out to be lovely purple in the end cooking.  It has no particular flavor but the texture was very good.



Egg drop soup

This is a very simple soup but it can be very special if you have your own stock.  I used my own chicken stock for this.  I regularly make my own chicken stock and own Chinese stock and keep them in frozen.


21 June 2017

Hong Kong style fried noodles with seafoods

This was probably the best I've ever made with fried noodles.  Noodles are Hong Kong style raw noodle that I can buy in super market.  I use authentic iron Chinese wok but I haven't been using it lately I messed up my kitchen with lot of oil in the end.

Using authentic wok is difficult but I believe it's better than others because the temperature can go up very high and makes a great flavor when it grilled with sauce.


20 June 2017

Grilled chicken salad with apricot

I love apricots but it's difficult to find good ones.  This time of season, we can find apricots from the U.S. and they're juicy and very tasty.

I grilled chicken with Japanese Yakitori griller over gas stove.  I place the griller directly over the gas but the chicken breast can be well cooked.



19 June 2017


I rarely make this cake because it's very rich.  When I make other French cakes, I lessen the amount of sugar and butter though for Madeleine, it doesn't taste good if you make your healthier version.


Clam rice

This is Japanese rice cooked with asari clams.  I usually make vongole pasta with clams but I wanted to try with rice.  First to cook clams with sake and separate clams with shells.  Then cook the rice with the juice from the clams with adequate amount of water.

I made this for the fist time but I really loved the result.  If you like the seafood, this is absolutely wonderful dish.



18 June 2017

Vegetable miso soup

I feel so good when I have miso soup.  I've stared to cook more miso soup recently for my health.  There is no strict definition of miso soup as long as you have a good stock and miso.  Vegetables or seaweeds added after is very much depending of the season and what you have in your fridge.


Aji no Tsumire yaki

Aji; horse mackerel is very common fish in Japan but they're also available easily at local fish market in Singapore.  There're many ways to eat this fish in Japanese cooking but I like this way of pan fried fish pate.  I served it with fresh grounded radish with lemon.


17 June 2017

Tartine brunch

Tartines means one side sandwich.  I didn't have anything particular but I thought that avocado slices would make a look of topping.  I baked toast bread by myself for this.


16 June 2017


Whenever I don't have much idea for cooking or when I don't want to take time, Gyoza is a choice for me.  It's easy and good combination of carb, meat and vegetables.


Bok choy and ham in milk sauce

Bok choy is one of the common Chinese vegetables.  This vegetable can be cooked in many ways.   This sauce is made with Chinese stock, milk and starch.


15 June 2017

Porato rice

You might think this is strange combination but I love this.  Especially with new sticky potatoes, rice is so much tastier.  I used chicken stock on the base but you can simple cook with water and salt.


Strip loin steak

We don't buy strip loin much because I much prefer rump steak.  Though it's not easy to find rump steak in local super market so I tired it for this time.  It was tender, juicy and very tasty.  I added a dash of butter in the end of cooking for the flavor.


サーロインはさっぱりしているが、ジューシーでとても美味しかった。この部位はフレンチではフォーフィレと呼ばれ、グリーンペッパーソース (Sauce au poivre verre)で頂くことが多い。

14 June 2017

Arts and Heritage district

It's very difficult to walk outside during the day in Singapore because it's too hot.  As I was going to art supply shop, I've fond some nice architectures in so called "Arts and Heritage district".  I like this area much more than orchard road area.


Somen champru

Somen is thin Japanese noodles made with flour.  It only takes two minuets to boil so it's very convenient for lunch.  I stir fried with many vegetables, seasoned with soya sauce.


13 June 2017

Roasted French Chicken

In our near local food market, they started to sell Singaporean grown French chicken.  I don't think they're imports because they're have fresh slaughtered dates.  It tastes so much better than local broiler.  The price difference is not too much but absolutely much tastier.



12 June 2017

Pains aux raisins

I made same rolls of bread with raisins with cinnamon the other day but I made with custard cream this time.  I really love this combination but I messed up the dough one point during of making of process ..


Chicken with burdoc rice

Burdock; Gobo is widely used vegetable in Japanese cooking.  It's high in vitamins and nutritions but it has great flagrance and it's very tasty.  Chicken with gobo is very common combination to added in rice.  I love to cook rice in clay pot.  It's easier, faster and tastier than to cook in the rice cooker.  In fact, I don't have electronic rice cooker anymore.



11 June 2017

Agedashi Tofu

I don't eat often Tofu outside of Japan because they're not good at all.  The real taste of Tofu is exist only in Japan because of the water as well as the process of manufacture.  It's so obvious that the tofu tastes far different.  Fried tofu is one the way to eat so so quality of tofu..