30 April 2017

Farm Breakfast

Morning in county was delightful.  We had a simple and very tasty breakfast cooked by the owner.  The taste of this farm egg was far different from the ones I was having before.  The yolk was very rich and I really tasted the difference.  We need to leave early this place for the next destination so we didn't spend much time in this region for the second day.


Brandridge Farm B&B

I chose to stay in country side farm B&B for the third night.  Because I wanted my nephews to see the animals.  Though the location was bit too deep in country than I expected.  We had dinner at local pub restaurant which recommended by the owner and it was quite nice.

I wanted to see sheep in close by they run away as I come near by.  Though I realized that that's the real with animals.  My nephews enjoyed playing around with sheep dogs.  Overall it was a unique experience that we spent a night in country side.  We didn't stay too long in this region and left early to the next destination.




29 April 2017

St. Ives - Cornwall England 2

St. Ives is known as a pretty resort village with lots of art galleries.  Because we arrived this town bit late on lunch hour, it was very difficult to find a parking space.  We had a quick lunch at the local seafood place I've found at Lonely Planet.  Then took a walk to the tip of breakwater.

It was a very sunny afternoon and it was a wonderful experience to see the a beautiful beach.  Yet the town was full of people because it was a holiday weekend, we didn't spend much time to see the streets of the town.



28 April 2017

St. Ives - Cornwall England 1

We were so lucky to visit this beautiful beach on very sunny day on Easter Sunday.  I had no idea that the beach looks so clear and beautiful I couldn't believe that we were in England.


27 April 2017

Maenporth Beach

We found this beach by just going through on our way.  The beach looked amazing so we couldn't help stopping by.  There was an long and beautiful walking trail on the cliff. It was an amazing experience to flower filled way also to enjoy the view from cliff.


26 April 2017

Morning delight

I woke up early and had a great walk in the morning.  It was great to have choices of breakfast not only English but salmon with scramble eggs was very tasty.