31 March 2017

Garb Monaque

I like this cafe restaurant in the back of Osaka station.  The space is very nice and their food is not so bad.  I often have drinks and small food there.


30 March 2017

Kamoshiya Kusumoto

This is an Italian and Japanese fusion restaurant which has became very popular in Fukushima, Osaka recently.  I was stunt with the presentations of the dishes.  The chef has extremely good taste of selections of his plates and the decorations of each dishes.

However on the other side, I was not super impressed with the tastes.  All of the dishes look amazing but the taste is slightly below the expectation....  I didn't quite convinced with some of this fusion combination.  Also the selection of wine was not exactly on my taste..


29 March 2017

Yakitori Yamane - Tenma

My friend had made a difficult reservation to this very popular Yakitori place in Tenma Osaka.  Because it's a small shop, they only accept reservations two weeks before, so you need to call them exactly the day, otherwise the seats fills up very quickly.

Without any doubt, it was the best Yakitori I've ever had.  All the parts of chicken were prepared very cleanly and sophisticated way.  All of us felt the quality of the dish and strong skill of the master.  Price was also very reasonable.  It was very memorable experience.


28 March 2017

Deep in Umeda

Umeda Station is combination of many private train lines; Hankyu, Hanshin, underground, together with JR, it's combined area is huge.  Because the area is not only limited to ground floor but goes underground two stories.

I stopped by at the Kushiage shop in local food ally for a quick bite.  Kushiage is ok not too fantastic but it was a fan experience.


27 March 2017

Tsuji Cooking School Japanese Cuisine - Spring 3

I learned how to slice sashimi in Usuzukuri way.  This is very difficult technique that I couldn't do it well yet.  Also I leaned frying technique.


26 March 2017

Tsuji Cooking School Japanese Cuisine - Spring 2

Second day: Sawara no Yugenyaki, Takenoko no Kinomeae, Takenoko takiawase, Chirashizushi.  This menu is very much season of Spring in Japan.  I've learned hot to grill marinated fish, way of boiling bamboo sprout, how to make Chirashizushi.