31 December 2017

Toshikoshi Soba

As we have soba noodle on the last day of the year in Japan.  I prepared soba with Kakiage for lunch.  I made cold style this year.


30 December 2017

Sushi dinner

These are sushi I bought from Mediya's sushi shop.  They're not excellent but not bad as well.  


Pain de mie brunch

I made lot of mistakes making this pain de mie in fact.  In the beginning I was going to make English style of toast bread so I was mixing the ingredients for that. Then I realized that I bought a sealed toast box so I baked in the sealed box.  

This was a mistake because the texture of the this particular bread was not suitable of sealed baked bread, it was too moist.



29 December 2017

Aji fry

This fish is delicious when it's deep fried.  I made tartar sauce with my homemade pickles.  Which was very good because the pickles are not sour.


Russian pickles

I really like Russian style of pickles which is simply soaked in salt water.  I hardly eat Japanese pickles but I like this more.  I want to make more pickles with different vegetables but I don't have enough space in my fridge....


28 December 2017

Beef & Pineapple BBQ

I marinated beef for BBQ in Asian marinade I've learned at Cambodian cooking book; stone grounded coriander seeds, garlic, shallots, lemon grass with soya sauce and palm sugar.  

Though the taste of the beef was great in the end, I burned some parts.  It's difficult to grill marinated meat so I have to pay more attentions while I'm cooking.


Taiwanese mei fun

I love taiwanese mei fun because it's texture is much better than other ones.  It's important to let the noodles soak up chicken stock or pork stock.


27 December 2017

Diner de Noel 2017

"St. Jaques au persil ail"

"Joue de boeuf en vin"

"Pure de pomme de terre aux truffles"

"Gateau chocolat ganache"

I didn't make much aperitifs this year for the Christmas dinner.  All the dishes were rather simple, yet it was not easy to handle.  The starter of scallops were very good, even though they were frozen.  Frozen scallops have a lot of water inside so it needs to be well taken care of before cooking.

I always make chocolate dessert for our occasional dinner because my husband loves chocolate, yet it's extremely difficult to handle chocolate in hot and humid weather.  Even I put maximum air conditioner, it's not cool enough to do tempering of chocolate.  So my chocolate creation is very limited.

This chocolate cake is made with chocolate sponge with light mousse of chocolate and coated with ganache on the top.  It was rich but not too sweet and I could made exactly the way I like.  By using Valrhona chocolate, the result is always satisfactory.



Christmas table decoration 2017

26 December 2017

Brioche & Panettone

Our Christmas day started with homemade brioche & panettone.  I could made the brioche very well though the panettone was not really a success.  I should have bake it in smaller mold so that the bread could raise taller.


25 December 2017

Joyeux Noel !

Merry Christmas from everlasting summer of Singapore!


24 December 2017

Decoration Noel 2017

I was too late to go to flower market this year so they didn't have firs to make Christmas wreath.  I made the decoration of the table with pine tree and ferns this year.  It actually make it look more Singaporean than other trees...!



23 December 2017

Poulet roti

This plate was all about the sauce.  The reason I make the whole chicken roast was to make a good sauce with roasted vegetables on the roasting tray.  I don't have the photos of making the sauce but it was a great result.


22 December 2017

Chocolate roll buns

Great thing about making bread at home is that I can put any filling as much as I want. The chocolate custard creme is made with Lindt chocolate 78%. It became more rich and luxurious taste  than any buns.


20 December 2017

Ampang Niang Tou Fu

This is the shop I go often to have lunch.  There are many delicious spicy food in Singapore but I can't eat too much oily and spicy food often.  So I ended up eating hear a lot.  Some reason, this dish is similar to Japanese food. 



Yong tau fu

This is probably the most favorite dish of Singapore.  Stuffed tofu, bean curd and vegetables.  The filling is usually made with fish paste but I make it with ground pork with dried shrimp.  By adding minced dried shrimp in the filling, it makes the soup much better.


19 December 2017

Golden trevally in tomato sauce

I love this dish but I only see them sometimes in the year.  Though I like this fish in Japanese cooking way of "miso-ni" but I tried a different way this time.  

The sauce is made with the stock I took with the fish head and the bones.  Yet the tomato taste was maybe too strong, I should have made a sauce with saffron.