30 May 2016

Steak salad

This is a good dish for low carb diet.  I don't have much energy to cook these days after long traveling... yet salad is a solution for easy dish.  I added boiled potato to make it as a complete dish.


29 May 2016

Home dishes in London - 3

"Home made burger"

"Salmon cooked with miso"

"Salt marinated chicken"

"Soba with lots of toppings"

"Berry tart"

"Chicken in creme sauce"

"Mackerel cooked in sweet soya sauce"

"Vegetables cooked in dashi"

"Beef in oyster sauce with Chinese cabbage"

"Pork with leek"

"Roast bee with swede"

"Home made Pizza"

Home dishes in London - 2

"Meat with potato cooked in sweet soya sauce"

"Pan fried Sanma"

"Oven grilled sea bream" 

"Picnic Bento"

"Tomato with beacon pasta"

"Pork belly with radish cooked in soya sauce"

"Lamb stew"

"Potato gratin"

"White cabbage cooked in dashi"

"Pan fried Miso marinated pork"

"Smoked mackerel"

Home dishes in London - 1

"Broccoli with creamy sesame sauce"

"Courgettes in Dashi"

"Courgettes with tuna in mayonnaise sauce"

"Tomatoes with Japanese basil"

"French potato salad"

"Radish with Salt Konbu"

"White fish marinated in spring onion sauce"

"Cauliflower and green peas with chicken in mayonnaise sauce"

"Cucumber with wakame in vinegar"

"Smoked mackerel with avocado"

"Tomatoes with giant couscous"

"Courgettes with beacon braisee"

"Lightly salt marinated cabbage"

"Spinach and carrots in tofu sauce"

"Celery and lettuce salad"

"Roasted aubergine in dashi"

These are the dishes I cooked for my sisters family during my stay in London.

28 May 2016

Flowers in London

Flowers in England is the most beautiful thing.  It's everywhere and stays long time.