31 October 2015

Caldera - Mt. Aso

There is a beautiful road along caldera of Aso mountain called "Milk road".  I love driving this road in any season.  It was a great day but the sky was bit hazy.


30 October 2015


It's been about ten years that we go to the same ryokan in Yunohira.  It's a small ryokan with really nice food.  Unfortunately the chef had changed about two years ago after many years.  Since then chef had changed two times and it lost their edge.


29 October 2015

Yosimuta Kogen

The other day in Kumamoto was extremely clear day.  It was very dry so the sky was super blue.


28 October 2015


I've found beautiful fishes called "Mino kasago".  This fish's texture is similar to grouper so I made Chinese style of steam fish.  It was first time for my family to eat the fish this way but they liked it.


27 October 2015

Susuki and Cosmos

These are typical autumn grasses in Japan.  I love both of them very much.  Cosmos is the end of the season but Susuki is just to start to have ears.


26 October 2015

Aso in mid October

It has been dry and hot during the day in Kumamoto in October.  The sky is clear blue and it's very comfortable season.  I visited Aso mountain last week to see if anything has changed since the volcano erupted.  There were dark smoke constantly rising from the mountain but it didn't seem to be in a bad state.


25 October 2015

Ezuko in October

I'm in Japan for a while to escape the haze in Singapore.  The weather in Kumamoto in October is wonderful.  The air is clear, dry and comfortable.