31 August 2015

Kazan - Osaka

This is Chinese restaurant in Osaka whom chef is graduate of Tsuji cooking school.  I was really amazed with the quality of the cooking here.  It's not exactly authentic Chinese cuisine but rather Japanese fusion in a good way.  The chef doesn't seem like using MSG for his stock so the soup dishes tasted wonderful.

「香山」辻調出身の方のこじんまりとした中華料理店。丁寧なお料理がとても美味しかった。香港の本場の中華とはかなり違ったお料理だが、日本的で繊細で油っぽくとても良かった。 湯はほぼ化学調味料を使われていないようで、とてもすっきりとした味わいでスープと湯麺のクオリティーが高いと思った。

30 August 2015

Restaurant Varier - Osaka

This is a very famous grand maison french restaurant in Osaka.  I was not aware of restaurant names in Osaka but it was a wonderful discovery.  I thought the quality and the creativity of the chef is as good as Robuchon in Tokyo.  Food is delicate, elegant and light French made by Japanese chef.  Yet the price is so much lower in Osaka.


28 August 2015

Honkogetsu - Osaka

This is michelin three stars Japanese restaurant in Osaka.  I had a amazingly deep experience here.  The master's taste of foods with Japanese plates are exceptional, as I was in a museum.  Their foods don't include any meats but only seasonal vegetables and fish and sea foods.  Presentation of August was absolutely amazing.


26 August 2015

Tsuji cooking school in Osaka

Even through my six years of life in Hong Kong, I couldn't learn authentic and professional Chinese cooking because I didn't speak Cantonese.  Even I've learned some from my friends and books, I need to learn seriously for once.  So I decided to take a course in Tsuji culinary school in Osaka; largest cooking school in Japan for it's DVD lesson course.  Within one year of course, you can participate in real practice schooling for one week in Osaka.

In the one week lesson, I've learned so much and it was a one of the kind experience for me.  Teachers are very passionate and extremely kind.  The food of Tsuji is extremely good that any restaurant couldn't be comparable... since they only use natural ingredients.