31 October 2014

Reclamation of Hong Kong Island

There is a reclamation development in the bay of Hong Kong Island in recent years.  When I look back the view of the Island from twenty years ago when I visited Hong Kong for the first time, it looks far different.

「香港島の埋め立て」セントラルの埋め立て地がどんどん広がり、近く新しいベイエリアが完成するらしい。最近、観覧車が設置されて横浜の様な雰囲気になってきた。20年 程前に初めて香港に訪れた時から比べると、香港島の景観は全く変わってしまった。

30 October 2014

Poulet a la moroccan au citron

This is my trial dish for my lesson.  This one was the first try.  I usually compose my original recipe for two to three times of cooking.


29 October 2014

Mapo doufu

This is the most famous Sishuan Chinese dish.  Sishuan exist in the middle of the continent of China.  Due to their geographic situation, they don't have enough fresh water so they use lot of Chili oil in their cuisine.  I didn't put Chili oil into this one, I dear to make one when I have time.




28 October 2014

Kiss no Nambanzuke

Kisu is one of the most delicious white fish in Japan.  They're known for the fish for Tempura.  It's expensive in Japan but same as in Hong Kong local market as well.

These are too small to make Tempura, so I made simple deep fry and marinate with vinegar based sauce.



27 October 2014

Vegetable soup with noodles

Japanese people love soup with noodles.  We have many soup noodle dishes such as Soba, Udon, Ramen and many other types of noodles.  I make my original simple noodle dish with the vegetable soup I made earlier.  Above photo is with instant ramen noodles and the below is with Somen noodles.




26 October 2014

End of summer Dinner

"Sea uchin Chawanmushi"
"Sesame oil aubergine"

"Beans in spicy sesame sauce"

"Chicken marinated in Ginger"


"Shimeji mushroom with fried tofu"

Other dishes
"Shikoji marinated magret canard"
"Sanma balls in clear soup"
"Shitake mushroom rice"


I invited my friend for casual dinner while ago.  These dishes are relatively easy Japanese dishes to make in Hong Kong.  It's not easy to cook Japanese in Hong Kong because there is very few seasonal ingredients here.

Unless you go to local market, vegetables and fishes are same all year long in super markets in Hong Kong.  Sometimes I feel bit crazy to see same things all the time.  Yet I was finally motivated to cook with bit of creative mind since my friend came.  I've forgotten to take dishes later in dinner.



25 October 2014

Air in Hong Kong

October 21 2014, 5:57 PM

Through my six years of life in Hong Kong, I know that the air in October is bad.  I usually take a long walk along in the mid level.  I want to get out from my room for my health though I'm wondering this is a solution to be healthy to be outside here.

I was feeling uncomfortable my eyes were painful after two hours of walking.



Managatsuo; butter fish is very popular and expensive fish in Hong Kong market.  This is a similar fish to butter fish, which I don't exactly know the name but much cheaper and as good as as butter fish.

I think in Hong Kong people steam the fish and pour the sweet soya sauce but I cooked in Japanese way.  The fish is fat and tasty.




24 October 2014

Vegetable soup

I was daring to make something feels good to eat.  This is a soup made with a broth with real chicken.  I took the broth with chicken bones with vegetables then strained it.  Then made a soup with slices of carrots, celery, shallot, leeks.




23 October 2014

Steamed spare ribs with black beans

This is one of my favorite local food in Hong Kong.  I don't exactly like the one from Dim Sam but I like to make it myself.  I don't think many western people like this texture of this dish, spare ribs are bit chewy.



22 October 2014

Wanchai Market

Wan chai market is my favorite local market in Hong Kong island.  The size of the market is bigger than the one in CWB or North point and it's easy to access.

I was scared to see things sold at this market in the beginning but I've got used to it after few years in Hong Kong.  It's very interesting to see the local food market to understand their food culture.



21 October 2014

Nagahama ramen

Nagahama ramen is the ramen from Fukuoka.  Ramen in Kyushu is know its Tonkotsu soup which is made from pork bones.  This is brought from Taiwanese Chinese who immigrated to Kyushu about three generation ago.  In original Japanese culture we didn't have any soup made from pork or chicken but it's made with kelp and dried fish.



20 October 2014

Carbonara de canard

This is a pasta dish I made with saute of duck left over.  Fat of the duck breast and the taste of the meat was as good as using pancetta.   I used whole egg and parmesan cheese for the sauce.  Pasta is spinach linguine.


19 October 2014

Kurobuta saute

"Gallet de pomme de terre et mais"

"Kurobuta pork with brown mushroom sauce"

18 October 2014

Hong Kong on protest

These are photos of last week of Hong Kong.  More people gather in the evening because it's hot during the day.


17 October 2014

Birthday Dinner

"Mousse de carottes au oursin"

"Tartar de st. Jaques et saumon au sauce Yuzukosho"

"Magret de canard a la sauce estragon"

"Dessert de L'atelier Robouchon"

It sounds rather crazy but I cooked myself my birthday dinner with my husband.  This is only because there is no restaurant I truly like in Hong Kong.  I love wine and champagnes so we bought good bottles for it.

I love cooking itself so it was wonderful opportunity for me to cook the food exactly what I like with more budget with luxe ingredients.  There is nothing more I could wish when I can share this joy with my partner.


16 October 2014

One Harbor Road - Hong Kong

During six years of Hong Kong life, the restaurant in Hyatt "One Harbor Road" is our favorite place.  This is one of the few restaurants we go back regularly in Hong Kong.  Their Dim Sam lunch was wonderful as always.


15 October 2014

October bouquet

This a bouquet I made myself of my birthday.  It sounds rather strange but I allowed myself to spend more budget than usual to make a bouquet I exactly wanted.  The flowers are mainly from Australia.  I really love this combination of those colors.


14 October 2014

Izakaya ryori at home - 9