30 September 2014

Easy Italian

"Salade vert"

"Oven cooked meat balles"

"Tomatoes and aubergine pasta"

29 September 2014

Floating weeds

There are many of this floating weeds in the lake recent years which didn't exist in the past.  I don't particularly like this weeds to cover the surface of clean water of Ezu lake.  They turn yellow in autumn.


28 September 2014

Izakaya ryori at home - 3





26 September 2014


I went to visit the stone bridge called "Tsujunkyo" in Kumamoto.  This is the largest stone aqueduct in Japan.  The day we visited this place was very sunny with clear blue sky.  The scenery of rice filed with red flower called "Higanbana" were extremely beautiful.


25 September 2014

Flowers in Japan

"For Ohigan"

"Red Gerbera"

24 September 2014

Izakaya ryori at home - 2

"Sanma Sashimi"

"Grilled aubergine in sesame sauce"

"Potato with chicken"

"Kisu tempura"

22 September 2014

Izakaya ryori at home

"Carpaccio de Drade et marinade de nave en vinaigrette"

"Geen leeks with bitter mellon in Dashi"

"Grilled squid with basil leaves"

19 September 2014


I always found that the trees in Karuizawa are beautiful.  Scenery is probably similar to outside of Paris.


18 September 2014

Toki no Niwa - Kusatsu

I was introduced this Onsen hotel by my friend who is from this region.  I was very surprised that the hotel was very well managed and had wonderful service.  The price was also very reasonable.  

The hotel was relatively new, so it's bath was very clean and comfortable.  Also they had more than traditional Japanese Onsen style of services.  One of the thing is the futon bed.  Also we could chose the breakfast, either Japanese or western style.  We definitely chosen western style with eggs and becon with coffee.  Breads were delicious as well.