31 August 2014

Light summer Dinner

"Mozuku seaweeds in vinegar"

"Squid marinade"

"Egg roll"

"Winter melon with shrimp in dashi"

"Beef rolled Okura"

"Mackerel Sushi"

"Fruits salad"


30 August 2014

Nira steak

Nira is chiese chives.  This is between spring onions and garlic.  I lightly fried the Nira in sesame oil then put over to red meat steak.


29 August 2014

Summer Japanese small dishes

I tend to make original style of Japanese food for myself in Hong Kong.  These are the dishes I made from the earlier post of my blog.  I make those foods for once then add small works each time I make a dish.

For example, the chicken fillet cooked in Dashi,  I shredded them and tossed with ground radish.  This is only a example, chicken fillet can be added to simple salad.

I pan fried the local aubergines in sesame oil the other day,  then I poured Japanese dashi this time.  Aubergine can be used for western dishes such as tomato pasta.



27 August 2014

In my fridge 10 - Memory of the summer

This is taken couples weeks ago when it was very hot in Hong Kong.  Summer vegetables of tomatoes, aubergines were so beautiful I couldn't help buying them in quantity.

Summer tomato sauce
Pan grilled aubergines
chicken fillet in Dashi
Red pepper in chili and garlic oil
Chinese vegetabler saute with salted duck egg




26 August 2014

Chicken Somen

This is a Somen noodle bowl I made with the chicken wings the other day.  I removed the meat from the wings then sauteed in sesame oil with Shitake mushrrom in frying pan.  Then pour it over to boiled somen.



25 August 2014

Chicken wings stock

This is one of the easiest way to have great chicken stock at home.  I used the wings from French free range chicken so the stock was very lean had deep taste.


24 August 2014

Glass noodle with lettuce

I love the texture of the glass noodles.  Good quality of Glass noodles are made with Mung beans.  It absorbs stock so it's important to cook with good quality of Chinese stock.


23 August 2014

Salade de fume de canard

I made red cabbage in vinegar with some sugar.  I like the vinegar taste especially in the summer.  It matched perfectly with fume de magret canard.


22 August 2014

In my fridge 9

Salt Mackerel
Red cabbage in sweet vinegar
Tomato and cucumber salad
Boiled potatoes


21 August 2014

Creamy tomato pasta with Crab

This is one of my favorite pasta; with the taste of sauce Americaine with crabs.  Crabs are very popular seafood in Singapore and they are inexpensive.  I don't like eating crabs because it's difficult to dig the meat but they're great to make a stock.


20 August 2014

Chicken teriyaki dinner

"Potage de mais"

"Chicken Teriyaki"

"Cream of Pumpkin"

"Fried rice"

When I was in the U.S., I remembered that one of the most popular Japanese dish was "Chicken Teriyaki" there.  Though this is not very popular dish in Japan but one of the home dish that people might cook sometimes.  Yet I think this is one of the most delicious way to eat Chicken thigh.

Cream of pumpkin is made with Japanese pumpkin which is much sweater than squash.  I cooked with milk and parmesan cheese.



19 August 2014

Gratin de aubergine

"Salade de foie de poullet"

"Gratin de aubergine"

I had very tasty salad with saute of chicken liver in Paris so I tried to make similar one.  This is a great salad in summer when you feel tired.  Gratin of Aubergine is mix of roasted aubergine, tomatoes and bacon.


18 August 2014


It's very nice to have cold soup in Singapore.  I felt very tired the other day so I made Vichyssoise with lot of garlic inside.


17 August 2014

Roti de bar provençal

 I use the oven in Singapore a lot.  Cooking in oven is very easy once you've set the dish.  I found sea bass the other day.  The fish looked different from the one I usually eat but I tried.  Fish in Singapore looks far different even from Hong Kong.  They're usually tropical fishes.  It was not bad but not great.



16 August 2014

Spinach bacon pasta

I made pasta with left over of spinach cream the day before.  Bacon with spinach in creamy sauce is very popular combination in Japan.


Chicken Cordon bleu

I make Chicken cutlet often in Singapore because this is my husband's favorite dish.  This time I made "Cordon bleu" style which I put slice of cheese and fresh tomato inside.  Spinach is served with bechamel sauce.


15 August 2014

Egg sandwich

I bought burger bans but it was bit sweet, tasted similar to Japanese butter rolls, so I made egg and cheese sandwich with it.


14 August 2014

Pork with pea pasta

This is made with leftover of pork farci of the night before with can of peas.  I seasoned it with tomato sauce and ketchup to taste like Japanese Napolitan.  Simple dish as this has to be eaten at home.


13 August 2014

Dinner in Singapore

"Potato and broccoli salad in Salomon rose"

"Roti de farci de fillet de porc au pomme vert"

I thought that my husband haven't been eating much pork dishes so I made farci of filet of pork wrapped with bacon strips.  Stuffing is ground pork with onion seasoned with dijon mustard.  I also added green apples and onions on the roasting tray.  It made a wonderful sauce with dash of rose wine in the end.

Imported Australian vegetables are much cheaper than in Hong Kong, so I made potato salad with lot of broccoli inside.



12 August 2014

Early evening Cocktail

I made the simple Orange juice based cocktail to enjoy the early weekend evening.  Since we happened to have sweet wine that I couldn't have itself I made the mix with fresh juice and vodka!  The composition is : vodka, sweet moscado, mix of orange and grapefruit juice, lime juice.

09 August 2014

Paté en croute

I challenged to make "Pate en croute" at home.  This is technically very difficult dish.  Especially in the summer paté is very difficult to manage.  I also feel it's difficult to put certain percentage of pork fat in the pate, though otherwise it doesn't really become the pate.  I purposely cook in high temperature so that the fat runs out.  Obviously it became slightly dry but it was rich enough of the home cooking.



08 August 2014

Aged beef with Rauzan Gassies 2000

I've found Aged English beef at citysuper.  I thought it was a perfect opportunity to open good bottle of Marguaux.  It was a first time for me to cook aged beef.  I've forgotten to take photo of the meat before cooking, it was obviously different from normal fresh meat.

I usually like eating good beef in medium rare but I thought it would better to cook more to medium.  The taste was very good and interesting.  Apparently the amount of amino acid increase by the aging process, the taste was similar to Japanese cuisine method of "Kobujime" for the fish.  It was great taste but I think I still prefer good fresh fillet of beef than this.