31 July 2014

Shin Yeh

I really love Taiwanese cuisine.  Taiwanese is similar to Chinese cuisine from Fujian but it's different.  They're much lighter than Cantonese.


30 July 2014

Sun Yat-sen Memorial

Sun Yat-sen is called father of Taiwan who led the Xinhai Revolution in 1911 that became the foundation of Republic of China.


29 July 2014

Taipei - Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall

This is a memorial of Chiang Kai shek who is the founder of Taiwan; Republic of China.  I've read in wiki that this memorial had build in 1980 which is relatively new monuments.  It represents philosophy of Chinese ideology and I've found the place is extremely massive.

I actually had never faced the Chinese culture before even though I've lived in Hong Kong for many years, never visited mainland China.  Then I began to wonder what makes them to build something like this.


28 July 2014

Taiwan short trip

Dear Readers!  I've been to Taiwan for three days.  I've visited there many times yet I've found different sides of the city this time.  It's only one 1:20 h flight from Hong Kong, it's a great get away to feel bit of difference.  Taiwan has their own culture, the culture is mix of their own, large influence from China and Japan.


27 July 2014

In my fridge 7

Roasted steak
Mackerel meuniere with curry powder
Chinese seasoning boiled eggs
salted cucumber


26 July 2014

Capellini with aubergine

This is a pasta dish I made quickly.  Capellini is thin pasta so it boils very fast.  I made saute of aubergine with olive oil and garlic, then mix together with meat balls that I made earlier.  The aubergine and meat balls were perfect match.


Summer meat balls

I made meat balls with lot of summer herbs inside.  I especially like the green pepper flavor.  This one was not very hot but very mild.


24 July 2014

Stanley - Hong Kong

Weather in Hong Kong has been not good for last two months or so.  Shower comes almost everyday so we had very few days of clear sky.  I visited Stanley one day in early July.  It's really nice to visit there on week days since there is less people.


23 July 2014

Pepper green curry

Since I had a lot of green pepper, I made Thai green curry with pepper and tomatoes.  Thai aubergine is usually used for this curry but I liked it with pepper.  It's important not to over cook them to keep the crispy texture and the color.


22 July 2014

Tomatoes with Pepper somen


I love summer vegetables.  They are high in vitamins and very tasty.  I made a simple noodle with olive oil sauted vegetables.


21 July 2014

Chinese flat noodles

This is rice flat noodles.  It's very popular here and it's easy to cook.  It usually cooked with beef with dark soya sauce but I tried with pork with light sauce.


20 July 2014

In my fridge 6

Vegetable curry
Chick peas
Boiled potato
Steamed chicken with shiso herb


Summer vegetable curry

I like making curry with only vegetables, especially the aubergine and tomatoes combination.  I used Japanese curry mix in the end.


19 July 2014

Small cake

These days I use small mould to make cakes in half size.  Full size cake which is  20cm mould can be too big for one person or small family.  I often use 12cm mould.


18 July 2014

Summer Izakaya dishes


"Corn tofu"

"Shabu shabu salad"

"Russian chicken cutlet"

"Nagoya chicken wings"

"Octopus sushi"

I prepared easy Japanese summer dishes.  Izakaya is tavern in Japan and they serve varieties of dishes that goes well with drinks.


17 July 2014

Sanma no Kanroni

Kanroni means cooked in sugar in Japanese cuisine method.  For the fish, we use soya sauce and sugar.  It has to be cooked long hour until the bones of the fish becomes tender.  This can be kept long in the fridge.  It's very tasty to eat with Japanese white rice.


16 July 2014

Fruits Smoothy

Since I'm back from Paris, I'm making fruits and vegetable smoothy every morning.  It's really refreshing after walking in the morning.  I change the mix everyday I really love it.