31 January 2013

Chicken casserole in tomato sauce

This is short macaroni with chicken finger cooked in tomato sauce on the top.  I cooked together in the oven.  When I was in the U.S. I saw many casserole dishes as this.  It's easy and great to cook for many people.  Especially kids would love it.


30 January 2013

Sole a la creme

This is sole poele with shallot cream sauce with white wine.  I used previously frozen sole for this.   The sauce was slightly heavy as for my usual cooking stye but it matched very well with the fish.


29 January 2013

Soup curry

Soup curry is a speciality of Hokkaido.  I haven't tasted the real one but I tired it with my guess.  Because I had already cooked veal with vegetable strew from the other day, I only made curry soup.  The soup is made with minced garlic, ginger, onion, curry powder and chicken stock.


28 January 2013

Potage au radis blanc

Daikon is slightly bitter and usually used for Japanese or asian cooking.  I made the potage soup with leek and daikon this time.


27 January 2013

Beef shin with Konnyaku cooked in miso

This is beef shin and Konnyaku cooked in miso based sauce.  I referred french style of beef cooked in wine.


26 January 2013

Tarte au miel et aux fruits secs

This is something I made middle of night.  This is Italian cuisine inspired fruits tart.  The base is made with genoise with honey, the cream is made with mascarpone cheese, honey and small amount of heavy cream.  Toppings are dried fruits soaked in white wine and rum.

The concept was great but was not perfect as I hoped.  The taste was good but it was not easy to cut into a piece.  I thought it would be better made in individual piece.


25 January 2013

Shungiku dishes

Shungiku with boiled eggs in mayonnaise sauce

"Shungiku with carottes in tofu sauce"

"Shungiku with Atsuage salad"

I love this vegetable called Shungiku.  This is similar to spinach but they have much more taste.  Since this is only available in winter so I tend to make many dishes with Shungiku these days.


24 January 2013

January arrangement

I made an arrangement with an huge cabbage flower to express hong kong in January.



23 January 2013

Confit de canard

This is already made confit de canard from France.  I usually make by myself because they're usually bit expensive but this is a great dish that you can keep in the fridge for a long time.  I like the side dish as cooked turnips in this season.


22 January 2013


Kishimen is flat type of udon.  This is a speciality of Nagoya so I've hardly had one in Japan.  Though I tired dry type of noodle this time and I realized that this is absolutely delicious.  I also added shrimp tempura and Inari age for toppings.


21 January 2013

Canard au vinaigre balsamique

This is saute of duck breast with sauce made with balsamique vinegar and honey.  I usually prefer making the sauce for duck with berries but balsamique vinegar is not bad choice either.  Side dish are mush potato with endives caramelizes.


20 January 2013

Fish burger

It's wonderful to have fish burger at home if you don't bother to do deep fries.  I made this for our weekend lunch.  I used frozen cod for this but it was as good as fresh fish.


19 January 2013

Edamame to Takana itame

This is one of the common Chinese/Cantonese small dishes.  I don't exactly know how to make it but I made something similar to Chinese deli dish I've bought at the supermarket the other day.


18 January 2013


Hambergu is a Japanese way of beef paté with saute of onions inside.  It's one of the most popular home dish in Japan and each family has their own style.  For me what makes it spacial is the sauce; which is mix of Japanese worcester sauce and ketchup.  I also add red wine to it.


17 January 2013

Oden party

Oden Party
Satoimo with cod roe
Fried oysters
Shungiku with vinaigrette marinated red carrots
Gobou with dried shrimp rice
Green tea cake with black beans

I held a causal dinner with my neighbor friends the other day.  Because it was a Japanese gathering, I basically made all the dishes that I wanted to eat for a while.  




16 January 2013

Poulet poché avec riz

This is simply boiled young chicken and the rice cooked with the chicken stock.  I usually make sauce blanc with this but this time we had them with mustard.  I also to put some herbs de provence for the fragrance.


15 January 2013

Brandade de morue

This is a speciality of Nimes; salty cold mixed with mush potato with olive oil.  Because I didn't have the salty cod, I made with frozen cod this time.  It was as good as the original one.


14 January 2013

Meatballs spaghetti

This is very popular spaghetti menu in the U.S.  Something that kids always like but it's delicious for adults as well.


13 January 2013

Chaussons aux pommes

"Chaussons aux pommes" can be translated as "apple turnover" or "apple pie" in English.    At French boulanger, this is one of the popular thing that you can find all over France.  As a matter fact I always chose this over pain au chocolat.

It's important to make crispy pate feuilletee but more important is the apple inside.  It has to be somewhat sour than sweet.


12 January 2013

Japanese - Chinese fusion vegetable dishes

"Chinese Tofu skin cooked in tomato"
"Beef and vegetable with Oil noodle"
"Mix vegetable stier fry with ground pork, black pepper flavor"

There are Chinese cuisine influenced Japan dishes.  In  traditional Japanese cuisine, we hardly fry or saute the vegetables in oil, but we boil them in water and toss in sauce or to eat them fresh.  Chinese cuisine is known to saute vegetables with vegetable oil in wok; so called stir fry.  



11 January 2013

Roti de boeuf et avocats a la creme en salade

This is my variation of using cold roast beef; the beef a day after.  I've found the combination with cold beef with avocado and small amount of roquefort cheese and creame was absolutely fantastic.


10 January 2013

Pot au feu saucisse

This is very easy french winter dish.  I usually make with choucroute but I made without it with time.


09 January 2013

Turnip with dried scallop congee

January 7th is a day to eat congee with seven herbs in Japan.  Because I didn't have those herbs, I made Chinese style congee.  Chinese congee is more rich than Japanese style because it needs to saute the rice with sesame oil before cooking.


08 January 2013

Pizza aux olives

Pizza is something I do for weekend.  In winter time, it's easy to develop the dough after  the oven you've used for cooking.


07 January 2013

New Year Dinner

New Year Dinner
Papillotes de crevettes au basilic
"recette de Robuchon"
Salade aux poire et saumon
Roti de fillet de boeuf
Gratin d'endives
Mousse au chocolat noir aux pommes a la cannelle
"Recette de Pierre Herme"

We invited my husband's friend for dinner the other night.  I didn't take much time to prepare for this time.  I've stared to cook around 4pm including dessert and aperitifs and finished before 7pm.  It takes practice to be efficient to host dinner but if you know what you're doing, it can be very fast.  I forgotten to take photos of aperitifs and the dessert... ahhh



06 January 2013

Soup a l'oignon aux tomates

"Soup a l'oignon" is a great soup in cold evening.  I added small size of tomates this time.  It gives fresh taste of tomato and make it feel slightly lighter.


05 January 2013

Beef saute with Croquette

This is simple salt and pepper saute of thin sliced beef with carrots and potato croquette.  I made the croquettes with bacon, boiled potato and boiled carrots.  Crusts are made with flour, egg and bread crumbs then deep fried in vegetable oil.


04 January 2013

Singapore vermicelli

Singapore vermicelli means rice noodle saute with vegetable and shrimp in curry flavor.  I tend to make this type of spicy flavor of dishes in summer but actually it's good anytime.


03 January 2013

Pommes au sirop

I think this is a compote of apple which apple cooked in syrop.  Yet "compote de pommes" means "apple sauce" in french.  I cook the apples in syrop in very short time so the crunchy texture of the apple remains this way.


02 January 2013

Osechi 2013

Osechi 2013
Kamaboko caviar
Ika no Kazunoko ae
Mustard lotus roots
Chicken Matsukaze
Beef wrapped leeks with Quail egg
Kabu marinated in rice vinegar
Sweet Black beans
Potato and chicken cooked in sweet soya sauce
Ozohi with rice cake



01 January 2013

Happy New Year!!

Happy New Year!  I wish you a wonderful year of 2013.  As the end of 2012, it comes to three full year since I've started this blog in 2010.  I started this blog as my food diary of my daily cooking and I almost posted 900 different dishes so far.  I'd like to continue to create healthy and oishi recipe this year.  Thank you for visiting my blog! and I wish you a happy new year!!