31 March 2012

Small Japanese dishes

The first dish is simple Hamachi sashimi.  The second dish is fresh grated Yamaimo and the third is Wakame seaweeds Osumashi.


30 March 2012

Gateau basques aux myrtilles

I've been trying to find the best dessert recipe of blueberries.  Blueberries have very nice and sensitive fragrance yet it's difficult to bring it up because it's easy to be erased by other ingredients.


29 March 2012

Dried bean curd with courgettes curry saute

This is amazingly delicious vegetable dish.  I've found this idea out of learning Taiwanese food.  It's better to soak dried bean curd in water to soften first.  Saute minced garlic and ginger in olive oil and add curry powder.  Then add one cup of chicken stock and cook the bean curd. Add courgettes at last and season with salt.  Cook until the vegetable becomes tender.


28 March 2012

Sanma no tomato cheese yaki

This dish is made with frozen Sanma from Japan.  Since they are frozen it lacks luscious fish fat and the moisture which is the main character of this fish in autumn season.  Tomato and cheese compensate the missing flavor of frozen fish.  It should be eaten right out of the oven.


27 March 2012

Sasami no sakamushi with coriander

This is chicken fillet marinated in sake then cooked with the sake, dashi soya sauce and some water and cooked with a cover.  The sauce is made with the liquid left on the pan and lime juice.  Serve the chicken with slices of onion and fresh coriander.


26 March 2012

Spring Brunch!

"Spring Brunch"
Poupiettes de veau
Haricots verts vapeur
Creme caramel

We've invited a couple for sunday brunch so I prepared simple and light french course.  These dishes are typical french home dishes.  As I posting the pictures, I realized that I missed to express the season of spring.  It's better to prepare the dough of pissaladiere a night before because it needs to develop.



25 March 2012

Bouquet de tulips

This is the season of tulip in Hong Kong.  I think tulips are difficult flower to deal in making of a bouquet because the flowers head is rather heavy and not being straight.


24 March 2012


"Nikudoufu" is sliced beef and tofu cooked in soya sauce based dashi.  I like to make this dashi with katsuo base, soya sauce and sake.


23 March 2012

Cuisse de poulet farci

This is made with legs of small chicken.  Chicken legs are difficult to deal with when they are small.  I cut them open in the middle and placed stuffing which is  made with bread crumbs, egg yolk, dijion mustard and sautee of onion.  Cook in oven slowly


22 March 2012

Haru no Banshaku

I think it's Sakura season in Japan now.   Because I found sashimi wakame, I prepared some small dishes to enjoy the sake.  "Kubota, hyakuju" is my favorit sake.


21 March 2012

Ground chicken and green peas pasta

Green peas is delicacy of spring in Japan.  I feel that green peas in Japan is very flavorful.  We often cook the peas with rice in this season.  I used ground chicken balls which I had frozen before.  The sauce is chicken stock and small amount of creme.


20 March 2012


"Kodemari" is found many in Japan in this season.  ItI really love this flower.  I think this flower looks the best in Ikebana style of display.


19 March 2012

Shrimp and avocado cheese gratin

This is boiled shrimps and avocado with cheese lightly cooked in oven.  This is quick and very tasty dish.  Scoop avocado with spoon then dice.  It's better to use matured avocado.  Toss the avocado with lemon juice, Japanese mayonnaise, very small amount of light soya sauce.  Mix avocado with boiled shrimps then put all back to avocado skin.  Sprinkle some cheese on the top.  Bake in oven with upper griller until cheese melts.


18 March 2012

Boeuf stroganov aux carottes

This is very simple and quick made dish.  I made the stroganoff sauce with carrots, beef stock, tomato paste, paprika, tomato ketchup and some cream.  Beef has to be quickly fried in separate pan.


17 March 2012

Potato with anchovy egg gratin

This is not exactly gratin but more like omelet.  I grated potato with cheese grater then lightly cooked in non stick pan.  I mixed grated potato with eggs and milk.  Sprinkle some anchovy and some cheese then cooked in oven.


16 March 2012

Apple ginger pork

This is pork chuck long-hour cooked with ginger, white wine vinegar, beef stock and a spoon of honey.  I added granny smith apple in last 10 minuits of cooking.  I think that pork with granny smith apple is good combination.


15 March 2012

Vapeur de morue à la sauce poireau

I think this is one of the typical and simple french home dish.  I used frozen cod from U.K. but I thought this is much better quality than huge fresh fish imported in Hong Kong.  The sauce is made with saute of leeks, chicken stock and some creme.



14 March 2012

Tamago no fukuro ni

This is my way of quick "oden".  Boiled eggs are popular ingredients of oden but it takes time to cook them.  Once you hard boil eggs then cook in dashi for few hours.  In this way I sliced open the "Age" in the middle to make a pocket and poured an egg inside.  Close the top with tooth pick and simmer in dashi for 30minuets.


13 March 2012

Potato and crab stick salad

This is salade of boiled potato, kanikama and tobiko tossed in Japanese mayonnaise.  Japanese "kanikama" is called crab stick or "surimi" in french.  I think it tastes better than it used to be.


12 March 2012

Steak frites

Steak frites is very simple yet always good.  I always add some boiled spinach on the side.


11 March 2012

Poulet poché sauce hollandaise

My way of making sauce hollandaise is mix of sauce hollandaise and sauce mayonnaise.  Because traditional recette of sauce hollandaise is very high in calories.  It's important to serve the sauce warm.


10 March 2012

Negi shio tongue

Beef tongue is very popular dish in Japanese style of Yakiniku.  Thin sliced tongue simply sauteed in sesam oil and seasoned with salt and pepper.


09 March 2012

Fried oysters with tomato sauce

I really like fried oysters.  They are usually served with lemon but I prepared with tomato sauce this time.  I think it's much better than sauce tartar.


08 March 2012

Thai green curry

We cannot take very spicy food so I make very mild thai curry.  I only put one table spoon of green curry paste to one can of coconut milk. Cherry tomatoes are usually not part of the ingredients of green curry but I think it tastes better with them.


07 March 2012

Soya sauce pork with rice

I made slow cooked pork chuck with soya sauce, sake, mirin and sugar.  This pork matchs very well with white rice so I mixed in clay pot and heated for few minuets.


06 March 2012

Salade d'endives et jambon

I love the flavor of this salad; it's very french and wonderful.  This is made with endives, radish, ham, boiled eggs and some wall nuts with vinaigrette dressing.  Endives and radish make slight bitterness and match perfect combination with wall nuts.  It's better to the vinaigrette with wall nuts oil.


05 March 2012

Hinamatsuri 2012

Hinamatsuri Dinner 2012
Green peas flan
shungiku in sesame sauce
saumon with green apple marine
Fried shrimp 
Crab souop
Strawberry Tart

Hinamatsuri is on March 3rd to celebrate girls in Japan.  This year I couldn't prepare the dinner on it's day but I love having "Chirashizushi" for this season. 



04 March 2012

Bouquet for Girls' day

March 3rd is so called "Girls' day" in Japan.  We display traditional set of dolls for the wish for girls to grow up well.  In my impression, the theme color of this festival is light pink and light green.  We usually display peach flowers for this occasion in Japan but since I don't find the same flower here so I expressed it with seasonal flowers of Hong Kong.


03 March 2012

Steak de thon sauce balsamique

This is tuna steak with balsamic vinegar sauce.  The sauce is made with balsamic vinegar, very small amount of chicken stock and honey.


02 March 2012

Beef stroganoff with macaroni

This is simple style of Beef stroganoff made with sliced beef.  I sauteed sliced beef, onion and mushroom then cooked with tomato sauce.  I added small amount of cream in the end.


01 March 2012

Chicken balls with lettuce in pot

This is hot pot of ground chicken balls with lettuce and Japanese starch noodle.  There are many type of lettuce for cooking not for salad in Hong Kong.  These are good for hot pot as well.