31 December 2011

Poire au roquefort

This is very simple first course dish.  I used a pear that was not matured for this.  Dressing is vinaigrette sauce and drizzle of honey.


30 December 2011

Negi Ramen

I like to make Ramen at home because I can adjust the taste of the soup in my style.  The key of the ramen is it's soup and it's usually made with mix of few ingredients; chicken, pork, dried fish and vegetables. Each ramen shop has their own secret recipe and they're cooked for few hours.

This ramen soup is done in quick recipe.  I used chicken stock and Japanese dashi.  It's simple and light but easy to take for the stomach after christmas.



29 December 2011

Tebasaki to Daikon no shoyu ni

This is fusion of Japanese and Chinese cooking.  Turnip is vegetable of winter in Japan.  It becomes very juicy in this season, however it's slightly bitter so it's better to blanch in boiling water with tea spoon of rice first.  I cooked chicken wings with turnips first with chinese stock, chinese wine, blown sugar and chinese soya sauce, star anis first, then added carrots later.


28 December 2011


I made Gyro with left overs of "Gigot d'agneau" of christmas dinner.  I wish I had some yogurt for the sauce but I didn't so made with mayonnaise.


27 December 2011

Pancetta and shiokonbu fried rice

This is very simple fried rice with Pancetta and shiokonbu; which is dried and seasoned kelps. I tossed everything in olive in a pan and seasoned with soya sauce.


26 December 2011


This is regional speciality of Kyushu.  "Dangojiru" means vegetable soup with dumpling.  Dumpling is made with flour, salt and water.  The soup is seasoned with miso or soya sauce.  I make with dashi and soya sauce.


25 December 2011

Joyeux Noel

Christmas Dinner
Pate en croute
Gigot d'agneau farci a l'ail et aux herbes , haricots blancs
Mousse au chocolat



23 December 2011

Mt. Kuju and Mt. Aso

Each time I go back to my home town, I visit Mt. Aso where is about one hour drive from my home.  It's very dry and clear in winter of Japan so it's easy to take nice pictures of the scenery.


22 December 2011

Daurade a l'estragon

I love "Daurade" which I believe it's similar to snapper.  Daurade is a beautiful fish, it's easy to fillet and it's delicious.  I always take "fume de poisson" because this type of fish makes refined flavor of fish stock.  This sauce is made with fume de poisson, minced tarragon and butter.  I prepared rice with spinach sauce and gratin of endive for the sides.


21 December 2011

Sashimi teishoku

"Teishoku" means a dish set with rice and a bowl of soup.  Tofu is coated with starch and lightly fried in the oil then served with dashi.


20 December 2011

Cabbage pork balls

This is meat balls made with ground pork and minced cabbage, onion and ginger.  For the cabbage, it's important to use asian cabbage; a kind their leaves are thin and tender.  I minced them and marinate in salt for while to remove excess water from the cabbage.  Once the water comes out from the cabbage, rinse off salt and squeeze well.  Mix with ground pork, cabbage, onion and one egg.  Shape the meat in balls and saute them in a pan with lid on.


19 December 2011

Shiodori no Milk ni

This is similar to chicken strew but I made with salt and sugar marinated chicken "shiodori" to speed up the process.  I marinated sliced chicken fillet mignon with one tea spoon of salt, sugar and some sake for 1/2h.

Then boil some milk and add one cube of chicken stock.  Cook the chicken in the milk and add boiled lettuce.  Season with salt and pepper.  Drizzle water solved corn or potato starch and thicken the sauce in the end.



18 December 2011


I made this next day of the dinner with vegetable trims of the curved vegetables; carrots, turnips and courgettes.  I sauteed onion, garlic, bacon and added the vegetable trims.  Cooked with chicken stock, tomato sauce and alphabet pasta.



17 December 2011

Misumi, Kumamoto

My grand mother lives in a town calls "Misumi" by the sea of Kumamoto which is about 40min drive from Kumamoto city where my parents live.  She lives in a small Japanese house with beautiful garden that she spends most of her time.  The house stands right above the Ariake bay. 

Since I was young, my family spent many times here on weekends and holidays, I didn't think this is anything special.  Now, I traveled and lived many places in the world and realized how beautiful and calm this place is.  


16 December 2011


This is Sukiyaki with udon.  Sukiyaki is one of the most known Japanese style of hot pot.  This type of Japanese clay pot keeps the heat for long time.  Sukiyaki is thinly sliced Japanese beef cooked with soya sauce, sake and sugar.  I also add varieties of vegetables such as onion, leeks, carrots, shitake mushrooms, chinese cabbage, konnyaku noodle and so on.


15 December 2011

Steak in Pita bread

This is flank steak with vegetable wrapped in pita bread.  I prepared roasted red pepper, saute of onion, lettuce and some herbs.  The sauce is made with garlic, herbs, lemon juice, vinegar, salt and pepper.


14 December 2011

Chinese congee with shrimp

Congee is slow cooked rice.  In Japanese cooking, we cook the rice only with water but in Chinese style, it cooked with any types of stock.  For this one, I cooked with chinese stock then added minced shrimp meat I had made frozen dumpling.


13 December 2011

Japan Alps

Japan Alps is series of highest mountain located in the middle of Japan.  This photos are taken from "Shin hotaka ropeway".  The peak of Hotaka mountain is 3190m and the ropeway reaches west side of the mountain peak of 2156m.


12 December 2011


Tonkatsu is "pork cutlet" in Japanese and this is one of the most popular Japanese food between Japanese.  It made with batter of flour, egg and breadcrumbs then deep fried in the oil.  This is very simple dish but it's important to use good quality of pork and not to over fry them.


11 December 2011

Chinese cabbage with Harusame soup

This is Chiese cabbage cooked in chinese soup stock which is made form pork, with glass noodle.  This glass noodle is large one from the regular size which I bought in Taiwan.  I like to eat something easy as this after big dinner.


10 December 2011

Dinner for Opus One

A friend of us had brought a great American wine "Opus One" for the gathering of him and my husband's colleague.  I thought of the menu that goes well with red wine, yet I've never had tasted it so those dishes were my guess.  The wine has wonderful fragrance; spicy and smell of forest which is similar to great Bourgogne.  After the experience with this wine, I thought I should have made duck or deer for the main course.

My best dish for the night was "Terrine de fruits de mer" and "Tarte Tatin" was the most difficult to make because I made it for the first time.

Dinner for Opus One
Choux au Foie gras
Marbre de Fruits de mer
Feuillete de boeuf  marine  sauce au vin et pommes fondantes
Tarte Tatin




09 December 2011

Roasted chicken tomato gratin

This is a second day arrangement dish of roasted chicken.  It's super easy to do this, I just poured a can of tomato sauce and sprinkle some cheese on the top and cook in the oven for 15 minuets or so.  This is a great alternation idea of already made chicken from the super market.  The tomato sauce moisturize the chicken and it makes it tender.


これはトマトソース(ハインツがおすすめ)を流し込んで上から溶けるチーズをかけ、オーブンで全体が馴染むまで15程焼いた簡単なグラタン。 スーパーなどで売っている既製のローストチキンなどは乾燥しているので、それらを美味しく変化させるのにももってこいの料理法。

08 December 2011

Asian Yakiudon

This is Udon fry with beef and snow peas.  The sauce is mix of pad thai sauce and chinese soya sauce.

「アジア風焼うどん」これは牛肉と絹さやを炒めて、解凍した讃岐うどんを既製の「パッタイソース」 と中国のたまり醤油(老抽)を絡めたもの。

07 December 2011


Takayama is a small city in Gifu.  Well preserved traditional Japanese town is also called "Small Kyoto".  I was very impressed how pretty the street looked.  The wooden Japanese house were maintained beautifully and every street was nicely decorated with trees and flowers.