28 February 2011

Casual sunday brunch

Quiche aux epinards et poitrine fumee
Pizza Jambon Champignon
Hachis Parmentier
Salade vert
Eclair au chocolat

I invited my friends for casual sunday brunch this weekend.  I've found this square size of Quiche mould in France and used it for the first time.  This fits perfectly the size of 18cm round mould recipe so I didn't have to change my recipe at all.  I found that this shape make much easier to cut into pieces.  Other dishes ended somehow bit messy this time.  I should have prepared more!


27 February 2011

Pork balls with Chinese cabbage in Shitake stock

Shitake is Japanese mushroom which has great taste.  It tastes much better once they're dried.  This is one of the traditional ingredients of Japanese cuisine.  Dried mushrooms takes couple hours to soften so it's better to let them soak in the water a night before.

Pork balls are made from ground pork with minced ginger and shallots inside.  I also added egg white and potato starch, sake and salt then saute in the pan.  Separately cook chinese cabbage in shitake stock with some Chinese stock, soya sauce added.  Then thicken the soup with potato starch in the end and mix with the meat balls.



26 February 2011

Oeuf Mayonnaise

This is one of the most classic and simple starter of French cuisine.  If you don't have anything in your fridge, but the eggs, you can make this.  Also you can find this menu at most of Brasseries.

This is just boiled eggs with sauce mayonnaise, so you cannot use already made mayonnaise but to make one yourself.  This is super easy dish but you can also make it amazingly good with your technique.  The relationship between egg and the mayonnaise sauce is very interesting.  When I had amazing "Oeuf Mayonnaise" for the first time, I realized the greatness of French cuisine.  It was almost shocking.

My ingredients of the sauce mayonnaise are, one egg yolk, dijon mustard, vinegar, salt, pepper, vegetable oil.  The key to the success of the sauce is to bring the egg yolk to the room temperature.



25 February 2011

Salt Chicken

I've never learned something so easy and tasty as this dish in my life!  I learned from my mother the other day when I was back to Japan, which apparently she had learned this dish from Japanese TV program the other day.

This is called "Salt Chicken" but actually, it's "Salt and Sugar Chicken".  First to cut only the one side of the breast to make half the thickness and enlarge the size.  Then marinade the chicken breast in tea spoon of salt and sugar the exactly same amount.  One tea spoon for two pieces of chicken breasts.  In Japanese method, then add 50ml of sake to marinade the chicken breast but you can use white wine or chinese wine or if you don't have anything, you don't have to use them.

Then saute the marinated chicken in the pan with cover.  You will be amazed how juicy the chicken breast can be!  Don't be afraid to use sugar in cooking if you're not used to, because it doesn't make the taste sweet with this amount.




Salade de saumon

I believe we luck eating vegetables in our diet, so I make this kind of big bowl of salad with full of toppings once a week.  My husband doesn't like Hong Kong local vegetables.  He says he doesn't like the texture and the flavor of them.  There are many imports of vegetables in Hong Kong and you can buy any products from all over the world but they are of course very expensive and lucks freshness.

I make this kind of big bowl of mix salad once a week.  I usually add chicken breast or ham cut in cubes on the top.  I made this with steamed salmon and it matched perfectly with salad.  I make the salad much lighter and very good for dieting.



24 February 2011

Chestnuts and chicken thigh in Chinese soya sauce

This is something I made few weeks ago when it was last chestnuts; marrons were available.  The outcome of the dish was great but I realized that I cannot used the foods in the end of the season for the things like chestnuts.  What is so difficult is as you know, to peel the skin of the marrons.  There is a technique to peal the hard skin and the inside skin of the marrons easily but it doesn't really work if they are not fresh.

This is marrons, chicken thigh and carrots cooked in chinese wine, sugar and chinese dark soya sauce.  Chinese dark soya sauce has darker color but less saltiness compares to Japanese soya sauce.  It's flavor is special as well.  Overall marrons and chicken goes very well together.



23 February 2011

Kitsune age no Sunomono

"Kitsune age" is fried tofu that is cooked in soya sauce and sugar based sauce.  This is usually to wrap rice balls and it can be used many things.  Already cooked package is sold in Japan.  I used this with cucumber and carrot vinegar marine.  It adds some tastes to the simple vegetable dishes.


22 February 2011

Lamb meat balls

This is simple meat balls in tomato sauce but made from ground lamb meat.  I added some  spices such as coriander seeds, nutmeg, cumin seeds to bring up the "Oriental" flavor with lamb.  I also added some minced shallots and 1/2 whole egg.  I didn't put any bread crumbs because I didn't want to make the meat balls similar to Japanese "Hamburg" but want to make simple American style of meat balls.

Shape the meat in balls then saute in butter to brown outside.  Then arrange the meat balls in the casserole and pour a can of tomato sauce; I like the one from Del Monte or Heinz, sprinkle some parmesan cheese on the top and cook in the oven for 10 to15 min or so.  You will be amazed how delicious the simple meat ball could be.  You can also tell the huge different making this with beef and lamb. It's better to use the ground lamb without any fat.  It's good to have couscous on the side.




21 February 2011

Tomato, chicken and egg Chinese soup

Egg soup is one of the most common Chinese soup.  I like egg soup because it's very easy to eat and easy for the stomach.  This is a variation of the egg soup with tomato and shred of chicken breast.  Slice the chicken breast and cut into strips.  Then marinate them in salt and sake with some potato starch.  I use Chinese soup stock made in Japan which is basically the stock of chicken and chinese ham.

Boil the soup first then add the chicken breast.  Once you marinate the chicken in potato starch, it adds special texture to the chicken and it won't become dry and hard small pieces.  Then I added pealed tomatoes, chinese mushroom and eggs in the end.


20 February 2011

Wakame with bacon fried rice

"Wakame" is one of the most used seaweeds in Japanese cooking.  They are usually in the miso soup.  Wakame sold as dried and most of Japanese people keep the package of dried wakame in the kitchen.  Mine got very old since I haven't used them much lately so I had to come up with something that I can consume in larger quantity.

This is fried rice with bacon; "poitrine fumee" has certain pork fat, yet it goes well with seaweeds flavor as well.  It looks a strange combination but it was not bad at all.


19 February 2011

Mousse au Chocolat

This is my husband's favorite dessert.  This is a perfect St. Valentines day dessert.  Personally I prefer this rather than gateau au chocolate or any other chocolate dessert because it's much lighter.  It look and taste easy to make this but actually it's very difficult to make this well.  I have practiced many times but still difficult to handle chocolate perfectly.  You need a good quality of chocolate and fresh eggs.


Porc au Cidre

This is pork shoulder cooked in "Cidre" which is French apple cider with light alcohol.  I usually chose the cidre "Brut" the dry one.  I also added a green apple; granny smith.  Pork and the sour apple became a great match.  

I blanched the meat first to get rid of the smell of pork, since local pork has not pleasant smell.  Then covered with one full bottle of cidre, a spoon of beef stock, and cooked at least two hours to make them tender.  Smoothed pure of potato is a great side dish with this.





Dear Readers, I was away from Hong Kong this week.  I'll continue my posting from today!

09 February 2011

Entrée - Coquilles St. Jacques

This is a simple starter dish that I used to make often when I receive people.  Scallops are lightly cooked in white wine.  The bottom is boiled potato. Sauce is fusion between Japanese and French vinaigrette sauce.


08 February 2011


This fish is called "Hokke" in Japanese and it seems like they only exist in sea of okhotsk; the sea between Japan and Russia.  I found this frozen package of "overnight dried fish" and I've tasted the fish for the first time.  Hokke is very popular in northern part of Japan but I've never had it before because I'm from southern part of Japan.  I found out this is very tasty fish.  Overall I love the fish from northern sea such as Herrings, Sanma and Cod.  They have delicate flavor and has luscious fat.


07 February 2011

Potage au Shungiku

Shungiku is flower similar to dandelion and its leaves are eaten in Asian countries.  The have similar color to spinach but has strong flavor.  I really love the flavor of this vegetable.  This vegetable taste better with traditional way of Japanese cooking but today I tried french method of "potage".  It became a great soup, yet I think it depends if you like this flavor or not.


06 February 2011

Porc Iberique et pomme de terres en cocotte

I think that Iberico pork is the most delicious pork in the world.  I found the block of the Iberico pork the other day, and I thought it would be wonderful to grill on brochette.  However it was a cold day so I cooked in cocotte with potatoes.  I know it's a fattening combination but the fat of the Iberico pork is so tasty, let the potatoes soak up the goody.  I cooked the meat first until it becomes tender then add the potatoes in the end.


04 February 2011

Radish with Agé

"Agé" is fried tofu in Japanese and this is one of the most often used ingredients of Japanese cooking.  There are many varieties of Agé and this one is thin type.  When you use Agé, it's better to soak them in boiling water first to get rid of excess oil.  I marinated Agé in light soya sauce, lemon juice, sesame oil with sliced radish.


03 February 2011

Chicken with Garlic chives noodle

Happy Chinese New Year!  Hong Kong and most of the asian countries except Japan are on holiday from today of new year day to next monday.

This is pasta with chicken fillet mignon cut into strips and fried with Chinese yellow garlic chives.  The sauce is oyster sauce and Chinese soya sauce.  I'm very much into Chinese soya sauce these days.  These sauces are very different from Japanese ones and I was not confident to try ones before.  This one it means aged soya soya sauce in Chinese character is excellent to season fried noodles.  I don't exactly know how it's translated in English but says "Premium soya sauce" in the English label.




Happy Chinese New Year!

Happy Chinese New Year!

02 February 2011

Rumsteak sauce poivre vert

"Rumsteak" is rump steak in English.  I've found this amazingly beautiful meat at Great.  I couldn't think of cooking this other than with green pepper sauce. Rump steak is usually a very leak meat so it goes well with sauce. Steak with "Sauce poivre vert" is typical bistro dish in France.  Sauce is made from fond de veau or beef stock, butter, cognac, heavy cream and some green peppers.


01 February 2011

Radicchio aux amandes

I really love the taste of Radicchio.  I like it's bitterness.  You can mix with other salad leaves but it's also good to eat just itself.  I tossed Radicchio with sliced almonds with light vinaigrette sauce.