31 March 2010

Spaghetti Printemps

This is very easy Pasta variation with Juliennes of vegetable and ham with olive oil.  I named it "Spring Spagetti" because I used spring cabbage.  It's good to put a lot of parmesan cheese.


30 March 2010

Spring Rolls

There are some key ingredients of making of tasty Spring rolls.  I like it with bamboo, Shitake mushroom, Japanese bell pepper and thin sliced pork.  I also always put some vermicelli.  I think that if you're not very confident to handle deep fry, it's better to cook and season the insides beforehand. Then let the insides cool and roll into the Spring roll sheets.



29 March 2010

Prosciuto with Mango salsa

I made this Salsa with Mango, red bell pepper, Avocado and shallots.  "Prosciuto and Mellon" is famous appetizer but Prosciuto with Mango also goes very well.


28 March 2010

Quatre-Quarts aux Pommes

This is similar to Tarte Tatin but with sponge cake calls "Pate Battue-Poussee"


Porc aux Pruneaux

I arranged Japanese way of Pork belly stew in soya sauce "豚の角煮" in French way.  The method is almost the same I replaced sake, mirin and soya sauce to white wine, balsamic vinegar, beef stock and dried plums.  It's important to saute the meat first then add the water and boil them to get rid of excess fat and unwanted pork smell.



27 March 2010

Tomato marinade

This marinade is made from soya sauce, rice vinegar, dash of sesame oil and some minced onion.  If you don't have good quality of rice vinegar, add some cane sugar.


25 March 2010


Borscht is very well known Russian soup.  According to my cooking book, the origin of this soup is Ukraine, however it's made all over the Eurasia.  I found that the combination of beets and tomato is very tasty.  This version of Borscht is from southern Russia and made only from vegetable with Chicken stock.  It's best to make with pickled cabbage, the Russian salted cabbage is different from German Sauerkraut but they are more like Japanese stye of pickles "Asazuke"



24 March 2010

Shabu Shabu Tiede

It's very important to use good quality of pork or beef to make Shabu shabu because they are very lightly cooked.  This is a salad version of Shabu shabu but the rule is same.  It's best to make this with Kagoshima Kurobuta pork.  This pork tastes amazing, the meat is tender and the fat is sweet and the flavor is really nice.


20 March 2010

Camarones y Setas al ajillo

I mixed the famous spanish Garlic Shrimp with Garlic mushroom with less olive oil.  This is very easy and very tasty dish.  You have to cover the pan to let them release all the taste from the mushroom then add the shrimp towards the end.  In order to reduce the oil, I used dash of champagne to cook them through.  I think that cooking white wine would work as well.


15 March 2010

Pumpkin cake

Japanese pumpkin is sweeter than western squash.  French "Potiron" is similar but Japanese one is more sweeter. The best season for this vegetable is summer and they are good to eat as tempra.  I bake this cake with pure of pumpkin, some maple syrup, sugar, butter and some flour.


12 March 2010

Endive with Roquefort

Endive, Roquefort cheese and walnuts are the very famous combination.  Roquefort is very salty, therefore I mixed with some cream cheese.


10 March 2010

Porc poele sauce Charcutiere

This sauce is made from white wine, white wine vinegar, fond de veau, dijon mustard and pickles.  This sourness matches very much with pork.  Be careful not to boil the sauce after adding mustard because it will separate.


03 March 2010

Hinamatsuri 2009

These are  the photos of March 3rd, Hinamatsuri of last year.  I couldn't make it this year for some reasons.  March 3rd is Hinamatsuri; the traditional Japanese festival to pray for the growth of girls.  Chirashi zushi is usually eaten on this day.  Chirashi zushi is the most common way of sushi that Japanese eat at home.