21 May 2018

Boeuf a la broche

I marinated beef cubes for skewers in some spices and vinegar and slices of onion a night before.  The meat becomes sligtly tender with vinegar.  I also made Hummus but I didn't follow a recipe so it could have been better.


19 May 2018

Pink rose


Popiah is one of the style of Chinese spring rolls that is popular in Taiwan and southern China.  This is very popular side dish in Singapore and I love it too.  It's a thin crepe rolled with shredded vegetables with sweet paste.  I like it very much for the side dish.


18 May 2018

Veau aux champingnons

This is veal scallop with creme of mushrooms. I used dried porcini for the sauce.  This dry mushroom has so much flavor and the taste.  I infused them in chicken stock and boil them until it becomes tender.  Creme sauce goes very well with veal.


17 May 2018

Cold soba with Maitake

Maitake is one of the Japanese mushrooms.  It's good to serve as Tempura but I only grilled it in the oven this time.  Maitake has it's own special flavor and I think it goes very well with soba noodle.  I made the soup a day before and cooled it.


16 May 2018

Bolognese & cheese sandwich

I made sandwich with tomato bolognese sauce.  I cooked the sauce to remove as much as liquid from the sauce.


Fusion pasta

I used to make fusion; mix of Japanese and Italian pasta often but I made this for the first time in a long while.  I used ground pork and light soya sauce for the seasoning.

「和風パスタ」以前はよくこんな感じのフュージョンのパスタを作っていたが、久しぶりに作ってみた。にんにく、生姜、エシャロットと一緒に炒めた豚挽肉にトマトを加え、酒と醤油で味付けしたもの。 パスタはスパゲッティーニ。

15 May 2018


I love falafel.  I don't make it often but each time I make, I feel like I make this dish more often.  This time I didn't make other vegetable fillings but this deep fried chick pea croquet make the whole dish.


13 May 2018

Chocolate orange rolls

I rolled chocolate and orange peels in my regular butter rolls this time.  Orange peels were the ones I bought in France last year.  It was a great match with bitter chocolate.


Peti salé; Salt pork

I marinated pork sholder in sugar and salt for two days and boiled it in water.  It's amazing to experience salt and sugar; which is the most basic two seasoning can do to the food.  It was juicy and tender and the taste of the pork was just right. I also opened a good bottle of white wine; Mercury white was a wonderful companion.


12 May 2018

Hong Kong style Chicken wing rice

I marinated the chicken wings in my way of Hong Kong style; mix of Chinese wine and fermented beancurd.  This tastes similar to Miso paste and there is no smell or anything but it gives rich taste to the food. 

After the meat is marinated about an half day, I deep fired it with strong flour.  This can be done with potato starch as well.


11 May 2018

Vegetable lunch

Salad is a wonderful dish for lunch especially after exercise.  I rarely buy alfalfa sprouts but I've realized this is a great topping.


10 May 2018


Oyakodon; Chicken & egg bowl is one the most popular rice bowl dish in Japanese home cooking.  It's simple but it requires some technique not to over cook. Chicken thigh are generally used for this but I use breast instead because we favor breast over thigh.


Salmon sashimi

I don't have sashimi in Singapore much but it's good for once in a long while.  Cucumber and Wakame seaweed marinated salad with sesame oil was a great side for salmon.


09 May 2018

Beach walk

Steak a la sauce moutarde

I made the sauce with glaze of white wine, fond de beau and Dijon mustard.  It really went well with rocket salad.


08 May 2018

Hong Kong noodle lunch

I love it's very particular texture of Hong Kong egg noodles which is firm and rather slightly chewy.  I cannot find the dried ones in supermarket in Singapore so I usually buy them in Hong Kong.  I can easily find the fresh type of Hong Kong noodles but this is far different from the dried one.

I boiled them first and wok fried them with meat and vegetables with soya sauce.



07 May 2018

Tonkatsu with pesto

This is deep fried pork loin.  Because I used the one had bone, the meat separated into pieces.  I usually serve this dish with tomato sauce but basil sauce with lemon is great as well.


06 May 2018

Soup & Pasta lunch

I made a soup with Japanese pumpkin with milk.  I used to make this often before but I realized that I don't make soup as much as before in Singapore because it's hot here..  Japanese pumpkin is high in sugar but it's extremely delicious to make soup with.