24 September 2017

Patisseries in Paris


"Christophe Adam"

"Maison de chocolate"




As I walk in Paris, there are so many good looking patisseries.  I've realized that some shops start doing speciality shops; starting from eclair to ice cream cakes, chou a la cremes.


Fou de Patisserie

Patisserie is in a huge trend in Paris now.  There have been always many famous shops but there are more than ever in recent years.  One of the reason is the TV shows.  Patisserie chef's competition has became very popular and many star chefs were born.

Along the TV show, new professional magazine called "Fou de Patisserie" was published from 2014 which focus on new chefs and the professional recipe.  I've been buying it each time I go to France.

This magazine had opened the collective patisserie shop in Rue Montrogueil.  They have the collections of some of the famous pastry of famous chef.  I bought two pastry and they were really wonderful.




23 September 2017

Paris in September

Summer dishes at home - 2

"Oeuf brouille aux truffles" 

"Salade aux sardines"


"Pate aux legumes et tomates"

"Steak frits"

"Souffle au fromage"

"Potage au potiron"

"Jambon blanc"

22 September 2017

Summer dishes at home - 1


"salade au chevre grille"

"Cutlet de veau"

"Souffle aux epinards"

"Fricasse de poisson"

"Potage au chou fluer"

"Feuilletee aux roquefort"