17 December 2017

Braised pork

I cooked pork shoulder with soya sauce and Chinese wine.  The taste is similar to char sit but I cooked in a pot rather than roasting in the oven.  In this way, I can keep long time in a fridge.  It was good to eat as itself but also good to put in fried rice.


16 December 2017

Chesnuts rice

I've found chestnuts from Korea recently and I've jumped on it.  It's very rare to find fresh chestnuts in this time of the season.  In Japan chestnuts are in season in October to November.

The rice mix of Japanese rice from my region, glutinous rice, Japanese red rice.  I put more than a pinch of salt to bring the sweet taste of the chestnuts.  It was absolutely tasty and I really loved it.




Beef Kofta

Beef Kofta is similar to meat balls but I put more onions, fresh herbs inside.  This is a very good dish to make with minced meat.  I also made a tomato with carrots salad with some dried raisins.


15 December 2017

The sky

"14/12/17/, 7:03PM"

"14/12/17/, 7:08PM"

No color adjustment or enhancement of the photo, just straight out from my iphone.


Tomato pasta lunch

I didn't make a tomato sauce from tomatoes this time.  When I don't have my own sauce I add fresh tomatoes to a can of tomato.  My husband and I prefer rather sour taste of tomato.


14 December 2017


Nikujaga is popular Japanese home food; it's a mix of thinly sliced beef or pork cooked with potatoes.  I've been making it for years but I mastered it recently since I've learned Japanese cuisine at Tsuji culinary school.  "Nimono" is a Japanese cooking technique which is not very easy but it gets better with practice.



13 December 2017

Vegetables with sesame

These are slices of tomatoes, cucumber, avocado with sesame, olive oil, and good salt.  Sesame is a mixed powder called "furikake".  It has some seasoning so it makes the food tastier.


12 December 2017

Soup Gyoza

Gyoza dumpling is usually served boiled in authentic Chinese cooking but Japanese prefer to fry in a pan.  Dumpling skin that is sold in Singapore is made for boiling style.  So I made a soup version this time.

It's good as fried one but much lighter.  I also like to serve it with some vegetable in the soup.


11 December 2017

Aji no Nambanzuke

Nambanzuke is a Japanese dish of deep fried small fish marinated in vinegar.  This is a very healthy dish and you can keep it in a fridge for a while.  Healthy and delicious so I really love it.  I made this with Aji fish and made a vinegar sauce with boiled egg this time.


10 December 2017

Homemade buns brunch

I don't bake at home as much as I used to... because of a long pursuit of low carb diet now.  Yet each time I make them I realized that they're so much better than any bread of the shops.


08 December 2017

Shrimp dinner

"Picho with fried calamari balls"

I made a dinner with boiled shrimps with homemade mayonnaise.  There are many ways of eating fresh shrimps but just boiled or steamed is still the best way.  In Chinese cooking, we did the shrimp in a sauce mix of ginger, soya sauce, and vinegar.  In the French way, I make mayonnaise sauce.

The second dish is deep fried minced calamari balls.  This also goes very well with mayonnaise sauce.



07 December 2017

Nordic plating salmon salad

I've been following nordic food magazine in Instagram; the account I came across and I'v found that their style of plating is very interesting.  I think this move came from the famous restarurant "Noma" in Copenhagen, Denmark.

I'm not sure this type of plating makes the food look attractive, yet since Instgram came to our life, chefs in the world started to make more and more focused in "presentation".

Thoght the dish I made was very easy, I rolled slices of cucumber and the salmon then sprinked "green sauce" made with mix of parsley, one clove of garlic and olive oil"

「北欧的な盛り付け」インスタグラムにはシェフの盛り付けを専門的に載せているアカウントが数多くあり、その中でも"Nordic food"というのが面白いので見ている。北欧的な盛り付けは有名な"Noma"というレストランから始まったものだと思うが、皿の片方に寄せたり、大きな皿にほんの少し盛り付けたりするスタイル。


06 December 2017

Ryokan brunch

I made a Japanese style brunch on the weekend. I rarely make this because of my husband doesn't like fish for the morning or lunch so I made him a special plate... of fried eggs, ratatouille and pan fired Iberico pork.

My pan-fried salmon is salted Japanese red salmon, which is usually a wild catch.  Its very lean salmon but its extremely tasty.


05 December 2017

Water spinach fried with salt egg

Water spinach goes very well with salted duck egg.  I love the combination of this flavor very much.


Black vinegar cooked spare ribs

This is spare rib deep fried and cooked in vinegar sauce.  I should have made this with pork loin but I happened to have ribs instead so I cooked longer in the sauce until it becomes tender.  Actually, this process made this dish much better than I thought.  It was sour but not too sweet, I could season it exactly the way I like.



04 December 2017

Chicken doria

Doria is a Japanese western dish; made with bottom part of pilaf rice with bechamel sauce on top cooked in the oven.  Because Japanse people prefer macaroni than rice, Doria is very popular for a casual meal.

I made this with pilaf and chicken breast layered in the middle and poured bechamel sauce on the top.  It's a wonderful dish to serve with some salad.



03 December 2017

Water color pencils - Apple mango

Pencils are very difficult to use as painting tool for me.  It takes time and difficult to show the depth... I don't know the right way to use this...


02 December 2017

Salade niçoise

Salade nicoise is one of the dish I always make when I made "Olive oil cooked tuna".  I pre pare many toppings to complete our dinner in one plate.  It's light and very healthy.


01 December 2017

Home made blueberry jam

Blueberry was on sale the other day so I made a jam with two packages of blueberry.  It's super easy because it just has to be cooked with sugar and honey.  I make it with one teaspoon of sugar and two table spoon of honey.  It's important not to make it too sweet.  It's absolutely delicious with yogurt.


30 November 2017

Olive oil cooked tuna with vegetables

This is a small tuna fish filled in Japanese cut and cooked in oil with garlic.  I could cut the fish in circle, but the bones stays in the center that way, I prefer to fillet this way.  Fresh tuna cooked in oil is completely different from the one in a can.  Tuna also tastes better when it's smaller.